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High quality, reliable machines from world renowned brands, proven and numerous countries.


Highly proficient support from our specialists and low reaction times.

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The company grows quickly and expands its offerings. Our experience of more than 25 years on the market serves as proof for high level professionalism and competence. Our client needs are our source for constant innovation.

About us

UBS Trade Ltd. is a leading company in bank equipment - sales, support, installation, repairs and periodical maintenance.

Our main goal is the continued pursuit of being a market leader and a reliable longterm partner. We are devoted to perpetualy improving our product line and serrvices.


Moneysorting solutiuons

In the competitive world of bank sorting machines, efficiency and accuracy are essential. These machines streamline cash handling processes for banks and businesses, ensuring seamless transactions and preventing fraud. With their advanced technologies and customizable features, they ensure reliability and precision in currency management, thus being the cornerstone of financial operations worldwide.