UBS Group

UBS Trade and United Bank Service are leading companies in the field of banking equipment - sales, delivery, installation, service, preventive service and periodic maintenance. Our main goal is to establish the image of a market leader in banking technology, the image of a correct and reliable long-term partner offering quality equipment and products. In addition, we are committed to constantly improving the quality of the products and services we offer.

Консултация закупуване техникаКонсултация сервизиране техника


The company grows quickly and expands its offerings. Our experience of more than 25 years on the market serves as proof for high level professionalism and competence. Our client needs are our source for constant innovation.

  • High quality, reliable machines from world renowned brands, proven and numerous countries.
  • Highly proficient support from our specialists and low reaction times.
  • Перманентно подобряване на визията, функционалността и качеството на предлаганите продукти
  • Непрекъснато подобряване на качеството, достъпността и скоростта на предлаганите услуги

 Cash and coin counting machines

We offer high quality banknote and coin counting, sorting and depositing machines for businesses looking for efficient financial management solutions.

Maintenance and service

We offer maintenance and comprehensive servicing of cash counting, sorting and depositing machines, ensuring trouble-free functionality both during the warranty period and beyond.

A selection of our clients

Bank organisations

Retail organisations